Purple Cowl Neck Shirt

Went to the charity store last Friday and found this beautiful purple shirt which was too big for me. The store puts out a box of scarves and bags for 1 shekel each which is about 25 cents depending on the exchange rate of the day. I found a matching purple pashmina scarf there which gave me an idea for a simple interesting cowl neck shirt. I first had to size the t shirt down. The easiest way to do that is to cut the sleeves off and open the sides. I also cut the shoulder seams as I wanted to make the sleeve opening smaller. I then cut of the neckline whch was high and lowered it for the cowl collar. Newly sized armpit and sleeve narrowed to my size, Stitched the shoulder seam and serged th

Dressing for Autumn

Days are getting shorter and nights are getting longer and colder. The leaves are beginning to turn brown and fall off the trees. The first rain of the season fell yesterday and all the autumn clothing was still packed away. It always happens like that, long, hot sunny days and all of a sudden that fresh rain smell in the air and then the first shower of the season. Its definitely time to get the Autumn wardrobe organized. But how does one do it? There are still many hot days to come and nights will be colder and maybe wetter as well. Dressing in layers is the trick. Mornings will be cooler and darker and the day will gradually warm up and might even still be hot at noon. A short sleeved bol

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