Winter is coming - Time to learn how to knit and crochet

There's something about the rain and the cold coming that invites us to sit down with a cup of hot tea and a ball of wool. Learning to knit and crochet is a lot fun and not as difficult as one might think. It also helps to improve fine motor coordination. I teach knitting and crochet in the winter months. As with fabric we don't throw anything away so there are a varied number of products that the children make using even the smallest pieces of wool. First they learn basic crochet skills. Crochet lessons can begin when children are young and teaching children to crochet is rewarding and provides them with a lifelong skill. They crochet a simple chain stitch which is the basis for any projec

The Versatile T shirt

Who doesn't have lots of t shirts in their closet. When it comes to that change of season closet sorting I always find myself with a pile of t shirts that I won't wear anymore. I keep some for cleaning and still have a pile. What can I do with them. The possibilities are endless and the t shirt can be used in its entirety. The shirt gets dismantled into different sized pieces. The bulk of the body is cut into a tube which can be used as a t shirt waistband for skirts or pants. The tube can also be cut into t shirt yarn which can be used for finger knitting, mats or tshirt necklaces. Finger knitting which can be used to make a necklace or a scarf. Mats From the other pieces I cut circles whi

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