Berries and boughs

I have this box of fabric remants. Its kind of like a magic lamp it never empties out and always gives. It doesn't matter how many pieces of fabric that I take out of there to sew with, the level of fabric in the box never goes down, its a magic box. Today I saw boughs and berries. Remnants of 2 sheets, 2 button down men's shirts and some of tie dyed scraps to brighten everything up. I cut the fabric into strips and then plan my layout. There is some method to the madness, I like for the colors to flow through the work. The fun part, choosing thread color for the top stitching. I chose the one on the far right. Stitched all the pieces together and the

Sorting in the studio

Today is a studio organizing day. I sort and organize on a regular basis but sometimes when I am creating I have less time and then stuff to be sorted waits in a pile. Today is the day to deal with that. First I sort the pile into separate piles of colors. My studio is organized by subject, then by color then by size. Today I am going to work on the grey pile. There are a million shades of grey. I think all colors fit all the seasons depending on the shades. When working with greys I look at all the colors and if they have a layer of black or grey over them they go into the grey pile. They could be blue or brown or even pink but if they have that flat grey layer then they are grey. I have r

Flower bouquets

What do flowers symbolize? Flower symbolism originated in Asia and the Middle East, where certain flowers, such as the lotus, were considered sacred, or at least to be associated with spiritual themes. This was often reflected in artwork, for example the use of bamboo in Chinese art to represent longevity and eternity. The language of flowers was introduced to England in the early 18th century by Mary Wortley, Lady Montague, whose husband was Ambassador to Turkey. By the Victorian era, almost every flower had a specific meaning attached to it. Small nosegay or "tussie mussie" bouquets might include chamomile flowers, which a woman might send to a romantic interest to tell him "Patience"; gol


Twilights are the time intervals happening between night and day, before sunrise and after sunset. The sun is below the horizon, but its light is visible because it illuminates the upper layers of the atmosphere. In more mathematical terms, we say that we are in twilight phase when the center of the sun is between -18° (18 degrees below the horizon) and 0° of elevation. I love Carol Kinney's - tie dyes, the quality and especially the colors. We live in different countries and when purchasing her products I do not have the option of trying on and returning so I invari

Shirt collars

When upcycling a button down shirt there are already existing features, collars, cuffs, button plackets and pockets. There are many different ways to upcycle, recreate or refashion a shirt. We could shorten, lengthen, take off the collar, remove the sleeves and play with the pockets. There are many options. What I will be showing in this tutorial is one way of recreating a shirt collar to refashion the look of the button down shirt. A collar is an accessory. It can be a permanent fixture of the shirt or it can be detachable and that way can be worn with the original shirt or even worn as a jewelry accessory over another shirt or even over a t shirt. A collar is made up of a number of pieces

Red Flowers

I have that box with packets of remnants. It doesn't matter how many times I have taken strips out to make wave or fragment art pieces the pile doesn't get any smaller. Maybe the remnants need to be refolded or something... Today I opened the box, purposely didn't look inside and pulled a packet out. Luscious colors today! Cherries, red, rust, orange, carrot and some dark pink as well, a flower garden. I cut strips and laid them out in a progression from light to dark. Layered them down on the machine. And came up with this. "She slept so calm, near the stream that night. Awoke at dawn and saw the red flowers. She knew to follow her heart. To reach them with the words they understood." G. Be

Grey shaded crumbs

I think every season has all the colors of the rainbow in different depths and shades. Winter has red which becomes an aubergine purple, yellow becomes mustard, green becomes olive, blue turns to slate grey, orange becomes a flat brown, indigo becomes a dark navy and violet a dark purple. To acquire my winter palette I take out all of the shiny bright colors, choose my darker shades and then look for paler matte tones with a shade of gray over all the colors. I am left with pale lilac, pale green, pale blue, taupe, pink-grey and pale yellow. I add in as many shades of grey as I can find, black and white and there is winter. Some of the colors in the mix could fit the spring palette as well,

Purple Statement

I have created that dress shirt/jacket tutorial and I decided to use it for revamping some of my own shirts. I have had this too large, and shapeless shirt in the most beautiful shade of purple for some time. I knew that I would make something special out of it. I had contemplated making it into a vest or a short sleeved shirt to wear as a light over jacket but came to the conclusion that that was quite boring. When I returned from my visit to the USA I had a number of tie dyed treasures from Carol Kinney in my luggage. I remembered that there were some dark purple pieces there and I fished this one out. Perfect for some accent pieces for the shirt design that I had envisioned. Short flounce

Pastel Wedding Quilt

A while back I was commisioned to create a wedding quilt as a gift for a couple using whatever technique I liked, as long as the colors were soft pastels. My fabric colors are sorted according to seasons but in order to get a large enough selection of soft pastels I decided to sort my fabrics according to depth of color ranging from 1 - 5 and patterns and solids. That took quite some time and it was interesting because some of the shades could fit into more than one season so I had to be decisive, cool, warm, neutral? After finally finshing I came up with this selection. A range of soft pastels, solids and patterned. Its not that easy to create an adult pastel version which is not girly when

Paper Piecing

Every time I work on something new my students want to be part of it. I made this paper pieced mini quilt a while back. This pattern is called the Twisted Log Cabin. Last summer one of the groups requested that I teach them the technique, so I printed out a number of patterns for them and we got to work. I happened to have the same packet of scraps that I had used for my piece so using my mini quilt as inspiration they began designing. Paper piecing isn't complicated. You stitch the fabric down onto a piece of marked paper. The fabric is pinned underneath and you stitch on marked lines, The pieces of fabric are pinned so that the seam allowance lies over the stitching line. After stitching t

Scarves this week

Working on my next tutorial. Scarves. Mori girl, boho scarves from scraps. I worked with this color palette this week and made a number of items and of course there were "leftovers" that begged to be incorporated into a project. There were rectangles in beautiful blues, teals and greens. And strips as well. I love looking at the mori girl, boho, lagenlook style. I am not a frilly lacy type of person but I enjoy incorporating some of the techniques for texture and interest. I can't do the layering look but can wear one statement piece at a time, a scarf, a vest or a necklace. The ways to use scrap fabrics are endless.

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