The Pink of Dawn

“And in the pink of dawn, she saw the could be's and would be's of the coming day and she knew that it would all be good.” G. Bella

Dark Blue Waters

Blues from that magic box of remnants that never ends This time the pieces in the blue packet were all strips from mens button down shirts. The way that I create a color composition is to first lay the pile of strips down on the table and then choose some strips out of the pile and begin to lay them out in a design. Shades that are pleasing to the eye, and either coordinate or contrast. This time I chose to coordinate. When creating an art quilt I "feel" and "hear" the colors. .How does one choose colors and create a harmony? Most of us understand the basics of the color wheel, primary and secondary colors and how certain combinations work together. Harmonic Color Schemes Although it is enjo

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