Purple Layer Day

Today is purple tie dyed layer day. 2 different shirts from Carol Kinney at https://www.facebook.com/HighHopesDyes remade into a bolero, a patchwork vest and a patchwork infinity scarf. This small bolero adds a touch of purple and serves as an additional layer in slightly cooler weather. This piece is very easy to sew, the seams can be serged or zigzagged. If your sewing machine doesn't have a zig zag option you can sew 2 running stitches next to each other. For winter I made an infinity scarf and a vest out of all the pieces that were left over from the 2 shirts. I used the larger scraps to create this patchwork vest. And here you can see that the infinity scarf was made from all the pieces

Plum and Pink

Today is a pink and plum day. A scarf upcycled from mens button down shirts worn with a plum t shirt and plum jeans. A scarf is a chic and endlessly versatile accessory for adding color and flair to ones outfit. Scarves come in many shapes, sizes and fabrics. They can be constructed from preloved clothing and sheets to create your own designer scarves. #upcycle #scarfrefashion #shirtdresssewing #lagenlooksewing #sewingpattern #morigirlscarf #patternsandhowto #buyremade #PriganArt

Its going to be green today

Its becoming a bit cooler here which calls for layered dressing so today I chose greens. A short sleeve green t shirt with a shirt/jacket tie dyed by Carol Kinney and upcycled and resized by me, worn with my signature recreated button necklace and earrings.

Deep Ocean

"And on this summer day, deep she dove, down, till she came upon buried treasure, a garden blue and green at one with the ocean . . ." G. Bella


Temperatures are dropping so today's monochromatic look is charcoal. Its a color that is difficult to wear in warm weather. Long sleeve cotton t shirt paired with a charcoal grey button down cardigan. My straight legged patterened jeans to which of course I added my signature pockets. This time with zippers instead of welted. The more pockets the better. To complete the outfit, I added a black pashmina that I purchased at a charity store for 5 shekels last year.

Purples again

Today's look is a refashioned sweatshirt. I loved the colors but not the cut so the baggy sweatshirt became a versatile little jacket . 3 sizes too large and this style is not flattering for me. It was deconstructed and then reconstructed into a small 3/4 length sleeve jacket with a collar which can be worn as a layering piece all year round. In summer in the evenings over a tank top and even in winter over a long t shirt with an inifinity scarf.

Andalusian Sunset

This is today's color of the day. An upcycled overdyed jeans jacket from the hands of the master Carol Kinney. While scrolling through Carol's feed last year I saw this jacket. She had dyed it orange which is a color that i wear but not in this shade. I saw something else. A rich sunset. I described what I wanted and asked her to cast her spell on it. She did and now its mine

Green today

Greens today. Scrub pants which I purchased a few years ago at a charity store. I still have to add welt pockets to them, I need to find the time The shirt is a tie dyed shirt from Carol Kinney of course which was purchased large and resized to fit me. The scarf is the bottom band from another shirt of Carol's.‎ Purposely buying too large shirt so that I can resize in my style and have pieces left over for a scarf, beads and artwork. Resized with 3/4 length sleeves.

Orange - Autumn

its getting colder at nights - time for layering in warm autumn colors. Purchased one more tie dyed shirt - again that was too large - on purpose. Cut a band off the bottom, narrowed the shirt and used the band to lengthen the sleeves. Worn under a rust bolero for a warm layered outfit.

Purple - the color of today

Today's monochromatic outfit. This purple tie dyed jacket was purchased a while back from Carol Kinney at https://www.facebook.com/HighHopesDyes who always works magic with her colors. I deconstructed the jacket, removed the belt and sleeves, resized to fit me, removed the sleeve cuffs, narrowed and shortened the sleeves and reconstructed the now fitted crop jacket so that I have another versatile layering piece in my wardrobe. Win win, a color I love and a piece that I wear a lot in many different outfits. Of course all the remnants were kept to be incorporated into other projects :) The first thing I did when I deconstructed the jacket was to remove the belt. I then removed the sleeves, t


I missed posting yesterday's monochromatic outfit , so here it is today. 2 teal t shirts in different shades worn layered together with a teal infinity scarf. The scarf was an experiment using a too large t shirt and a remnant of a bobble strip that I had in my stash. I like the end result.

Purple - color of the day

Purple shades today, that shirt/jacket is from Carol Kinney and her exquisite colors together with purple pants, purple t shirt and purple t shirt necklace to complete the look of the day.

Color of the day - Olive Green

Today's color is olive green. I have a modular wardrobe so I can mix and match pieces together. I have 2 olive green boleros in different shades of green. Today I used a bolero a green t shirt and a t shirt necklace that was made from the scraps of the 2 boleros that I had sewn. This is a versatile layering piece which can be worn in all the seasons of the year to add a bit of warmth, coverage and color. I hate throwing fabric away, even the tiniest of pieces. I have developed techniques to upcycle them creatively and this t shirt necklace is just one of many.

Turquoise today

Today's monochromatic outfit. That tie dyed tapestry that my sister bought for me from Carol Kinney has a new life - tunic and pants outfit Carol Kinney from https://www.facebook.com/HighHopesDyes held a charity raffle last year and the prize was this beautiful tapestry. My sister bid and won it and then gifted it to me. It was beautiful but as I didn't have anywhere to hang it I saw "Fabric" and decided to make myself a tunic and pants outfit. I had always wanted a statement cowl neck tunic and this fabric created the perfect opportunity to make one. There was also enough fabric so that I could create my signature high waisted pants with many pockets. And of course many remnants for creati

Autumn Colors

Today I created an outfit in Autumn colors. Oranges and rust. I made the boho skirt from a selection of upcycled mens button down shirts.

Purple Crop Top

I shared a post with a purple crop top in one of my monochromatic outfits and I was asked how I made the shirt. It is really very simple. I had 2 school t shirts, one larger with shorter sleeves and one smaller with long sleeves in very similar colors. I cut off a band from the bottom about 12 cm in height. I then cut the shirt from the mid shoulder seam straight down to the bottom like this making it wider than the equivalent mid section of one of my t shirts. I then cut the second shirt in the same manner and laid the long sleeved sections down next to the mid section of the other shirt. Making sure that the total width is wider than one of my t shirts as I wanted this to serve as a looser

Shades of Blue

Today is a blue day I had purchased that blue shirt from Carol Kinney and I always choose a larger size as I live on the other side of the world from her and this way can resize it so it fits me perfectly and have enough left over to make a scarf accessory as well as remnants for flowers and beads. I shortened the shirt - got a scarf out of that and resized it so it fit me perfectly.

Olive green and khaki outfit of the day

Today's monochromatic look - shades of olive green and khaki The bolero was made from upcycled t shirts and the button necklace and earrings from my vast collection of upcycled buttons

Tones Shades and Tints of Pink

Today is monochromatic shades of pink. I created a set using a favorite tie dye shirt in magenta which has many pinkish tones in it. I added a pink sweater and another tie dyed scarf in pink shades . Monochromatic tones, shades and tints of pink - Carol Kinney's gorgeous tie dyed shirt and scarf from https://www.facebook.com/HighHopesDyes This outfit can be paired with different accessories that I have , My chunky button necklace with matching earrings on warmer days.

Monochromatic Purple

Here is today's version - Another crop top made from 2 upcycled school t shirts. The remnants of both shirts were used to make the necklace. They are worn over a plum golf t shirt that I was gifted by my sister on my last visit to the USA. Even the smallest remnants of the t shirts were used to create this rustic looking t shirt necklace which creates visual interest lying on the smooth t shirt crop top. As you must have all guessed by now purples and plums are my favorite colors, but I will be surprising you this month in the monochromatic challenge. I do wear other colors as well

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