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A Floral Garden

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

I worked with my new fragments quilting technique today.

The first thing I do when planning a new project is to choose a color family from my scrap boxes. Today I chose a spring palette.

I lay the strips of fabric down on the table and then choose the embellishments.

My normal mode of operation is to work without embellishments and just create a quilted abstract piece. I wanted to do something different today.

Spring palette
Spring palette

I also chose complementrary threads.

Complementary threads
Complementary threads

I started working and created an abstract piece which was pleasing to the eye and also added a few embellishments using some torn lace pieces.

I almost left it like this. I like it a lot but I am forcing myself to do something a little different today.

Spring abstract art
Spring abstract art

When sorting through my stash of lace and upcycled floral appliques I found these small purple flowers and they are perfect for the quilted piece.

Purple flowers
Purple flowers

I added a few randomly and now it feels like spring.

" I glanced out the window and saw pale pink fragments of spring, at last, the grey season is gone..."

G. Bella

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