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Another simple no sew t shirt mask

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

I made a t shirt scarf from a sleeve yesterday and while cutting it I looked at the sleeve and realised that it would be very simple to construct into a mask. So here is a short tutorial.

Lay the shirt flat down on the table.

t shirt sleeve

Cut the sleeve off under the seam.

Cut off the sleeve

Cut the hem off the sleeve, don't throw it away you can use it as one of the ties instead of elastic.

Cut off the sleeve hem

This is what the cut sleeve looks like.


Cut off the hem at the bottom of the shirt above the stitching line,

Cut off the shirt hem

You now have one tube. Cut it into 2 pieces.

Cut shirt hem into 2

Your 2 sleeves and 2 longer hem cords.

2 sleeves and 2 hem cords

If you prefer to have 2 long cords to tie behind your head, take both the cords and string them through the sides of one of the sleeve like this.

Thread t shirt cord into mask

Fold the top part of the t shirt down behind the back part like this

Fold top part of t shirt down

Pull the cords and one mask is ready.

Mask with 2 long cords

The second option is to thread through the sides of the sleeves as above using the 2 shorter cords that you cut off the bottom of the sleeves.

Second sleeve and 2 short cords

Knot the ends of the shorter hems to create 2 earbands.

Knotted cords for earbands

Your second mask is ready as well.

If you use a long sleeved t shirt your masks can be cut higher (longer) . Measure from between your eyes, over your nose and under your chin adding on about 5-7 cm to see how long it must be cut.

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