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Bag for a Baby Stroller

My neighbour asked me to come over this week and showed me her stroller bag and asked if there was any way to fix it. I told her there were 2 options if she insisted on keeping the bag. One, peel the flaking sky away and 2 take the bag apart, cover it with some other fabric and resew it.

She doesn't know how to sew yet, we are getting there, her daughter is a student but she still has to spend some time in the sewing studio.

a torn black stroller bag

a torn black stroller bag

I don't sew items for people, I also don't mend clothing. I teach. But I told her that I would sew a bag for her and use the pictures to write another tutorial. I have to make samples when writing my tutorials. This was perfect. I love that I am making something and that it won't just be sitting in a box and that somebody will get good use out of it.

This way I also get to decide what fabrics I am using and choose the design.

I chose autumn crumb pieces from the scrap box and got to work.

patchwork fabric in autumn colors on a table next to a sewing machine. A pair of scissors on the fabrics.

I chose the gold tan thread in the middle, the left was too dark and the right too bright.

spools of thread on patchwork fabric

I wanted it to be somewhat stiffer than for a regular tote bag, its going to get a lot of wear and tear. I used a flannel sheet to back the pieces and quilted heavilty to stiffen the fabric.

All the quilted fabric pieces for the bag are ready, next to sew the bag.

patchwrkr quilted fabric in autumn colors

A nice stiff piece of fabric.

patchwork quilted fabric in autumn colors

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