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Embroidery and Embellishments 1

Updated: Jan 15

Tomorrow evening I will be giving a zoom class on embroidery. Slow stitching as students will have to use what they have on hand.

The students have different skill levels so I planned the class to teach basic embroidery skills and show a few samples of what can be accomplished with these basic stitches. I will be showing you their results as they create.

Start with 2 layers of cotton or polycotton fabric from an upcycled man's button down shirt.

40 x 20 cm.

20 x 40 cm fabric base layers

From your pile of cotton, polycotton remnants, which I know you all have. Choose a color coordinated selection in a variety of sizes. 5 x 4 cm, 7 x 4 cm slightly larger and slightly smaller.

Patchwork selection

Create a visually appealing layout

Patchwork layout

Choose contrasting or matching threads and create some coordinating yoyos to use for embellishment later on.

Threads and yoyos

The yoyo technique - cut a number of fabric circles

On the side of the fabric circle that is NOT going to be shown make a circle of small, even running stitches as close to the outer edge of the circle as possible. This will be used as a gathering stitch

Small even running stitches

Pull the thread and place your finger at the center of the yoyo and press down whilst you pull so that the result is a yoyo and not a hat.

Place the needle in the centre of the yoyo and stitch through to the back. Stitch up and down a few times via the center and then leave the needle on the underside of the yoyo

Gathered yoyo

Backstitch on the back side to secure the thread and then cut it.


Attach the pieces with an even boro running stitch.

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