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The holidays are here and its time for gift giving.

What I normally do, is sew a zippered pouch for each guest and place a handmade surprise inside. One year, I did button jewelry and another, folded tote bags for shopping.

This year I decided to give each guest a small fabric painted landscape art piece.

This is a fun one, really quick and I used up lots of remnants that I had.

Each guest was given a landscape in their favorite colors.

Beige, gold, cream and pearl for one.

Beige and gold
Beige and gold

Twlight for another

Twilight fabrics

A niece really likes greens

Green textures
Green textures

His computer room is grey and the piece had to be small, 20 x 30 cm and he doesn't like embellishments, so no beads or yoyos.


And her colors are teals and blues

I worked on some of them at the same because I used the same colored thread in the sewing machine. These are the quickest and most satisfying gifts that I have given to date.

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