• Sharon Prigan

Handmade Fabric Bead Necklace

I am often asked by people what I do with all the fabric beads that I create.

I make jewelry with them, necklaces and bracelets and very often use them as toggle buttons on jackets.

This time I made a pink handbeaded fabric necklace and took photos of the stages so that I could show you how it is made.

I made about 60 pink fabric beads. I wanted to make a necklace that could be worn long or doubled over.

Pink fabric beads

I make a point of not purchasing any special items when I am creating. I wanted a long cord for this necklace. I have a box of upcycled shoe laces and ribbons but none of them were long enough for what I had envisioned.

So I went to my spring fabric stash and found a multicolored sheet.

Fabric sheet

I cut and ripped a number of strips from it. The strips of the sheet are strong enough as the beads are very lightweight.

Fabric strips

Rolled them up into a ball.

Ball of strips

In order to be able to thread through the beads easily the edge of the cord has to be stiffened.

I use white pva glue for that purpose.

PVA glue

I put a drop of glue on the edge of the strip, rub it in and let it dry overnight.

Glueing the edge

I then cut the stiffened edge so that it is sharp like a needle.

Shaping the edge

And thread all the beads onto the cord.

Threading the beads

Once they are threaded I have to create spacers.

Threaded beads

With one of the other strips I made double knotted ties between each bead.

Tying double knots

And cut the knots more or less the same height. They serve as spacers and are also part of the design of the necklace.

Fabric knots

The finished necklace - can be worn as is , long, tied behind.

Long beaded necklace

Or wound around to create a statement.

This is a fun way to create something beautiful reusing only scrap fabrics.


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