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How Small is Small

I always enjoy finding ways to use up all of the remnants and scrap pieces when working on a project.

While sewing I place 3 bowls next to the sewing machine, I don't throw ANY of the pieces away, they are sorted into three different piles.

Sorting fabric remnants
Sorting remnants

The first is for the very narrow strips which will be used to create fabric beads and those that are really tiny I will move to the pillow/doll stuffing box.

Strips for making beads
Strips for making beads

The second, for the slightly larger pieces which will go into the mosaic fabric box. They can't be used as leaders and enders they are so small that there would not be room for a seam allowance.

Fabric pieces for mosaic patchwork
Fabric pieces for mosaic patchwork

And the third for crumb qulting. The pieces will be used as leaders and enders while working on other projects.

What are leaders and enders? Leaders and enders are bits of fabric that are used to start and end your sewing on. It saves one the hassle of continuously lifting the presser foot and cutting the thread. . When you get to the end of your stitching you slip 2 remnants under the presser foot and sew on them, this way creating a continuous line of sewing and are creating something else at the same time.

You are accomplishing a number of things when creating leaders and enders

Your sewing thread never jams.

You are not wasting thread.

The thread won't pull out of the needle (preventing lots of cursing)

You are creating 2 projects at the same time.

Fabric pieces for leaders and enders
Pieces for leaders and enders

I also strip piece some of them inbetween working.

Sewing them at every opportunity
Sewing them at every opportunity

The pile is growing

Stitching fabric crumbs

Little hands helping me to sort. She loves the colors. I am teaching her to sew and she really enjoys the no rules crumb patchwork.

Helping me sort
Helping me sort

Some of the scrap pieced pieces so far

The pieces are really small and I have many of them. I plan on constructing and then heavily quilting a long narrow abstract piece for one of the walls in my home.

I know that I will have even more pieces left over and those I will save for some practical projects such as zippered pouches which I always find useful. They serve as containers for many items and are great gifts to give so I always have a pile of them at the ready.


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