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Interchangeable Landscape Tutorial 1

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Tools - a domestic sewing machine with a straight stitch, pins and a magnet and sharp scissors.

Materials - Polyester sewing thread and a selection of scrap fabrics.

Colors - You can choose colors from nature, a neutral snowscape in greys, blues, creams and white. For a seascape, blues, greys, tans and sand. For a mountainscape many different shades of greens and for a desert scape, plums, oranges, rust, browns and dark yellows.. I show a number of different color choices for inspiration.

Different from what I usually do this tutorial will have some pattern pieces.

I have drawn various shapes freehand on A4 size paper to make it easy to print out for those that can't draw.

Cut on the black lines and you should end up with a selection of shapes for mountain ranges, foamy sea water and rolling hills.

After cutting them out you should have a selection similar to this one.

Now the fun begins. Go to your scrap fabrics and sort them into color selections. Here are a few of my examples.

I chose spring.

Ocean and sky.

Meadows and sands

Saharan desert colors

A Southwestern desert


And then cut a number of different colors from each of the pattern shapes. You can use solid colors, patterned and even textured fabric.

The easiest way of learning this technique is to cut a base piece of fabric the size of an A4 page .

You are going to be building layers of landscapes using different colors and shapes.

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