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Interchangeable Landscape Tutorial 4

Today's lesson is about creating elements to add to the landscape.

What are elements? Why do I call them elements and not embellishments?

For me an embellishment is an abstract addition to a landscape , fluffy lace, layers of oraganza or chiffon and beads strewn over and stitched to the art work.

An element is a sun or stars, a tree, a house, a windmill. a boat or an animal. An element is a piece that we add to the landscape which changes the vista. For example a boat creates a seaside whereas adding a palm tree or a cactus creates a desert.

I apply the same principle when adding elements of building and deepening the colors by adding layers.

Today I will be showing how I build a structure - a building and add to it. These elements can be inserted between the layers on the landscape backgound or over - on top of the pieces.

We start out with a pile of fabric scraps in varying colors.

scrap fabric
scrap fabric

I chose grey and some tweed to create a building

A tweed building
A tweed building

I added a sun - its boring

Adding a yellow sun
Adding a yellow sun

I added 2 suns and a cactus with pink flowers

Purple suns and cactus added
Purple suns and cactus

Some buttons and purple flowers on the cactus.

Buttons added
Buttosn added

Small purple scraps. I am not sure what they will be, something abstract or small birds. They help to balance the picture. I also added a green "grass" strip at the bottom.

Purple fabric birds
Purple birds

Now taking it somewhere else by adding the green background and a green button

Green sun
Green sun

Here I took the green button away and added small green scraps on the left

Green birds
Green birds

My final version green and brown strips forming a plant on the left.


This scene can be added to a landscape background in any of its stages. It can be glued down or stitched down.

Experiment with creating elements of your own.

Now is the time to iron all of the pattern pieces that you cut.

Next lesson we will talk about raw edge or turned edge and how to do that.

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