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Merging the 4 Seasons

Updated: Feb 26

I always create challenges for myself. When I completed the 4 seasons series I had many scrap pieces left over.

I wanted to make one pieces with all 4 seasons flowing through each other using only the scraps left over.

The palette was limited so the first thing I did was to sort the fabrics into the seasons.

Looking at the colors I saw that many of the seasonal colors were missing from the mix. What I had looking at me was actually the seasonal progress of foliage, flowers and leaves. So I went with that.

When looking at the scraps I envisioned the progress of leaves through the seasons.

The winter mix, grey overlays, dried bark, olive green leaves and flat purple petals.

Winter fabrics

Autumn, rusts, browns, deeper rose and greens with an overlay of olive.

Autumn fabrics

Summer brights, rich green leaves, yellow and orange flowers.

Summer fabrics

Spring. green buds, pink, pale yellow and orange flowers

Spring fabrics

I lined up a progression and the idea is to create a flow of one season to the next.

Color progression of the fabric pieces
Color progression

I am still working on it. I don't have enough of all the colors that I would like. I am not going to cheat and so I will only work with what I have in the pile. Trying to create balance and flow through the seasons.

I am not sure what colored thread I will use to quilt. My go to would be a neutral grey which I do'nt have any of. I don't want to switch threads in the middle of the work, maybe a pale brown?

Stitching the colors down
Color flow in progress

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1 Comment

May 11, 2022

What beautiful color flow! Very exciting.......

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