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No Sew Mask

Updated: Jan 10

And here is one for those of you that don't know how to sew at all.

What Are The Best Materials for Making DIY Masks?


Mask diagram

What you need is a t shirt, a pair of scissors a ruler a tape measure and a marking pen.

lay your t shirt flat on the table and cut under the armpits from side to side.

T shirt

Fold this tube in half so that you have a smooth folded side on the left side.You have 2 folded layers. The body of the shirt should be enough for at least 2 or 3 masks.

Folded t shirt fabric

From the top left corner mark in 14.5cm.

Mask width

From the top left corner mark down 12.5 cm.

Mask height

Mark half of the 12.5 cm which is at the 6.25 mark.

Mid way

From this point draw a straight line across of 14.5 cm. Mark 9.5 cm and draw a line up and down at this point. Draw another 12.5 cm line parallel to the one on the left.

Center line

On the line that meets the 9.5 cm mark, measure down 2 cm and from the top left corner draw a line down to the 2 cm mark.

Top side

From the 2 cm point draw a half circle as you see it below.

Top ear curve

And continue with the half circle down to the bottom of the mask and curve it towards the folded 12.5 cm line.

Bottom side curve

Draw an oval 1.5 cm in parallel to the outer oval line.

Inner ear curve

This is what your pattern should look like.


And this is what it looks like after cutting it out. It is still folded.

Folded t shirt mask pattern

Open the 2 folded layers out and you now have a double layered mask with ear holes. You could slip a coffee filter between the two layers.

Double layer t shirt mask

This is what it should look like from the side

T shirt mask - side view

And this is what it looks like from the front.

These masks are very quick to make. Make a cardboard pattern and use that to mark on the t shirt.

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