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Paper Piecing

Every time I work on something new my students want to be part of it. I made this paper pieced mini quilt a while back. This pattern is called the Twisted Log Cabin.

Mini Quilt

Last summer one of the groups requested that I teach them the technique, so I printed out a number of patterns for them and we got to work.

Choosing fabrics

I happened to have the same packet of scraps that I had used for my piece so using my mini quilt as inspiration they began designing.


Paper piecing isn't complicated. You stitch the fabric down onto a piece of marked paper. The fabric is pinned underneath and you stitch on marked lines,


The pieces of fabric are pinned so that the seam allowance lies over the stitching line.

Stitching on the marked lines

After stitching the pins are removed, the paper is flipped and the piece of fabric is ironed. Yes, you can iron over paper.

The bulky seams underneath should be cut away.

Taking shape.

This piece wasn't bound, they chose to face the pieces by closing with a backing piece as for a pillow.

Twisted log cabin

Follow here for more paper piecing patterns and techniques


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