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Patchwork Curtains

We have HUGE windows in the new house. If I don't do something to insulate them we are going to freeze in the winter.

I decided that the most practical, economical and aesthetic solution was to sew patchwork curtains.

All good and well. When I made the decision to do that I had thought of sewing rag quilt curtains. So I went to my huge fabric stash, planned the colors, sorted and even started sewing.

After I had sewn the first set of squares I decided that I didn't like the look of rag curtains in the studio where the huge windows are, so I switched techniques to the crumb patchwork technique.The rag pieces will be made into a quilt to be gifted.

This technique is a wonderful scrap quilting technique for using up all sizes of fabrics. Strips, squares, rectrangles, large and small. Floral, stripes, squares and solids, all are good. These crumb pieces are geometric.

Sorted the colors into a pastel cottagey mix and set out on my crumb quilting adventure. Not spring and not French cottage but a paler more washed down, neutral vintage version.

I am using, greys, pinks, salmon, browns, beiges, blues and greens. The overall color wash is intended to be a pastel wash.

Some of the squares that I had originally sorted for the pastel rag curtains

Vintage fabric squares
Cotton cottagey squares

Pieced together with strips of fabric from vintage sheets

Strips from vintage sheets
Stripped vintage sheets

Stitched into strips of squares

Strip pieced squares
Strip pieced squares

Making a selection of log cabins and I do this randomly from a pile of pieces next to me.

Strip piecing log cabin squares
Strip piecing log cabin squares

And strip piecing the fabrics. Its quite monotonous so I like to watch a series in the background. Last time it was "the Game of Thrones" I will have to find something as interesting this time .

Sewing pastels
Sewing pastels

The pieces have a vintage cottagey look to them which even though it is patchwork, it creates a neutral wash so that If I want to put colorful artwork on the walls it won't clash with the curtains

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