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Pillow case tutorial

Updated: Jan 10

This is a sturdy, simple to construct pillow case . It is lined and has an envelope overlaying closure on the back. No zippers, buttons or tick tacks are necessary to close it.

Materials - 1 front piece 2 back overlaying pieces, 2 lining pieces matching the sizes of the back pieces and 1 lining piece the size of the front piece.

The front piece of the pillow case can be a solid piece of fabric or can be made using one of the art quilt techniques.

Front side of pillow case

2 Back pieces for overlapping. The 2 pieces should overlap each other by at least 10 cm which will ensure that the back pieces lay flat against each other when the pillow form is inside the cover.

2 Back pieces

Line the 2 back pieces with a solid piece of fabric of the same size.

Lay the lining piece face down on top of the right side of the outside back piece

Lining back piece

Stitch on the top then fold the lining piece over to the back and iron

Lining stitched on one side

Do the same for the shorter back piece, Both back pieces with a lining piece attached only on the top.

Lined back pieces

Lay the front pillow piece on the table facing up and then lay the 2 back pieces face down on top of it.

2 back pieces face down

Lay a third lining piece the size of the pillow front on top of all the layers

Lining piece on top

Stitch all around through all the layers leaving a window of 10 cm width at the center bottom.

Stitched all around with an opening at the bottom

Turn the pillow case inside out via this window and top stitch all around.

Back of piilow case

For strength and decorative purposes you can stitch a 2.5 cm deep seam all around the edge of the pillow case.

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