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I spent last week sewing. For a change, not artwork, but rather clothing. I worked with my serger (overlocker) and one of my straight stitch sewing machines.

serger sewing machine sewing t shirt scraps

The serger normally sits on a shelf as I don't use it that often so it doesn't have its own table. So I placed it on my cutting table on a double folded towel which helps to lessen the noise and prevents the table from getting scratched.

The fabric strips were spread all over the cutting table.

fabric strips on a table

So I used my straight stitch machine which is on the other side of the room. I got lots of exercise last week.

I have MANY t shirt strips so I decided to make a shirt, which I originally thought of as having a cowl neck and 3/4 length sleeves, a more wintry piece. But I ended up making a shirt without a collar at all, and elbow length sleeves. It is too hot to wear in our Israeli summer but it will be perfect as a layering piece over a solid colored longer sleeved t shirt or even a t shirt with a collar.

rainbow colored patchwork t shirt

I saw how many strips and scraps I had so I decided to make a long sleeved winter tunic with a very long cowl necked collar. I wear tunics in winter all the time and the color of my strips complement my rainbow colored wardrobe perfectly.

patchwork t shirt tunic

I made it slightly wider than what I normally wear as I plan to use it as an additional over layer on cold days.

I am in the middle of writing a tutorial for the technique so follow to see when it will be in the store.

patchwork t shirt and tunic hanging on a wall

And don't throw your fabric scraps away :)

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