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Updated: Nov 27, 2021

I am working on a new tutorial for fabric buttons. Everytime I create I work on a number of different projects in parallel

I looked at all my summer scraps this week and decided to create new fabric using my ScrapFabric technique.

So colorful! I had lots of scraps left over so that got me thinking of what I could do with them. Of course fabric beads came to mind, they always do when I have lots of very small scraps.

Summer fabric scraps
Summer scraps

I added some more orange scraps to the mix and made some fabric beads.

Added orange
Added orange

Orange beads
Orange beads

Using my new, very comfortable thimble for the hand stitching.

I still have fabric left over so now to concentrate on making fabric buttons.

I am looking for ways to make practical items from all the scraps that I end up with after creating art quilt pieces.

I have a few items on my list and buttons are the first. Follow for more.

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