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Strip Collage Patchwork

I spent all day today working on that moonscape, I really enjoyed creating it. As I said I was tasked with creating a technique where no ironing,and precise measuring is necessary. Anyone who knows how to do basic sewing can create a strip collage patchwork piece.

If you are artistically inclined you can take the technique and create art pieces with it. It was relaxing and fun and without too much effort I created a Moonlight patchwork piece of art.

I have a huge supply of threads, some polyester, some cotton some newer and lots of vintage threads. The vintage and older cotton threads are good for hand sewing but not for the sewing machine.

After choosing fabrics for the moonscape I needed to find threads to sew.. I found these, they are all polyester so I will be able to use them on the sewing machine.

Spools of sewing threads in pale blue. darker blue purple pink and yellow

They are actually a very good selection as I see when I place them near the fabrics.

fabric and spools of thread on the table

The yellow is the perfect shade

spool of yellow thread on fabric

I worked on it all day and now its done. It just has to be bound for hanging.

Strip Collage Patchwork Art piece, moonlight design

The tutorial for the Strip Collage Patchwork should be ready this week as well.

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Oct 16, 2023

Yes please! I would love to see the tutorial


Oct 05, 2023

This is gorgeous! I can't wait to see the tutorial!

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