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T Shirt Patchwork Poncho

Sourcing Fabrics

Shop first in your closet. T shirts in our closet are a fantastic source of fabric. T shirt fabric enables the garment we construct to have flexibility and comfort. I use all the pieces of the t shirt. From the remnants I make t shirt scarves and jewelry. All of us have many t shirts and shirts that we don't use anymore. School t shirts from the children's closet can get a new life in this project. If you don't have any shirts to upcycle in your closet, shirts can be found in abundance at charity and second hand stores.

Materials for the T shirt Patchwork Poncho

I used 2 t shirts for this one but I am petite I would suggest having 3 -4 t shirts to create the patchwork and then choose how many to use for the size you want to achieve.

t shirts

I laid the t shirt down and began to cut I want to create a patchwork poncho but I want this poncho to have sleeves and the side seams will be closed I mark about halfway in on the shoulder seam and cut down the t shirt moving the sleeve and side of the shirt to the side. I do the same on the other side of the shirt.

cutting the side of the t shirt

I cut the brown t shirt into rectangles and add a folded piece of brown to the side of the t shirt. Next to that I insert a row of patchwork pieces of both colors.

planning the patchwork layout

I sew the patchwork pieces

sewing the patchwork pieces together

First on a serger or zigzag machine

sewing the edges with a serger machine

And then do a straight stitch directly under the serged or zigzag stitch.

sewing straight stitches on a sewing machine

After sewing all the patchwork pieces and sides of the shirt together this is what my version looks like . You can play with the patchwork. I staggered it because I wanted one side of the poncho to be shorter than the other.

patchwork poncho

I am going to tie fringes on the bottom so I cut into the bottom of the poncho like this

cutting fringes at the bottom of the poncho

Starting at the side I take a pair of strips

holding 2 fringes

Tie one knot

tying a first knot on the fringes

And then a second knot. I do this all along the front and back edges

tying a second knot

This is what the edges look like after they are tied.

knotted fringes at bottom hem of poncho

The finished t shirt patchwork poncho

t shirt patchwork poncho

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