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That supply that never ends

I made a decision a few weeks ago to take my techniques and put them to paper. In order to do that I first have to create the items that I see and then write the tutorials..

It is amazing how many ideas I have. Just when I think I can't create something new a drawer in my brain slides open and I see papers with ideas written down on them in there.

I have made 5 different styles of fabric bags this last week and also decided to create a new carnival fabric. I don't purchase anything, not fabrics, or threads or notions. the Carnival boho fabric has lots of texture to it. I saw a colorful piece with lots of trims and detail.

The challenge was to create those trims and detail from what I have on hand. I have lots of ribbons and lace but when I teach I bear in mind that not all of my students have acces to stuff like that. So how to get the look without purchasing anything. Well necessity is the mother of invention so to create it of course and the Canival boho fabric technique was born

After creating my large wave landscape piece I had lots of strips and small offcuts left over.

strips of fabric orange, purple, blue pink and green fabric strips

I keep them in bags of color mixes - I know I will use them at some point

small fabric remnants in ocean colors

Perfect for creating trims and texture.

I sorted the colors for the first pieces of fabric from which I created the Boho Carnival bag, I had lots of scrap left over from that so created some ScrapFabric and beads.

small pieces of fabric scraps in rainbow colors to create ScrapFabric fabric beads

ScrapFabric sewn from very small fabric pieces

I work in a size progression, art quilts, then creating fabrics from the scraps from those and then beads from the scraps of the fabric projects. I store the different sizes in different containers. Reused peanut butter plastic bottles for the very small scraps and shoe boxes and packets for the larger scraps.

fabric pieces stored in plastic upcycled peanut butter bottles

Today I am creating a second piece in a different colorway - also remnants from that large wave landscape piece. Its a magic box that always gives.

fabric strips laid out on a wooden board in ocean colors

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Aug 23, 2023

Do you iron or press your pieces before using? Thank you, Sandy from Ky

Sharon Prigan
Sharon Prigan
Aug 23, 2023
Replying to

Depending on what I will be using the pieces for. To create a wave landscape I iron and for the ScrapFabric I do not.

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