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To Quilt the Wave Floral Garden

I finished piecing the top yesterday. It is slow going because I am creating a video tutorial for it. I am creating many short videos as I work, trying not to miss any of the steps in the act of creation. I would rather take more videos than less.

Sometimes a part of the technique that seems obvious or easy to me might not seem so to a student. So I am questioning myself as I go along. I also liike to share my thoughts of the process as I work. My tutorials are for techniques and not for patterns. So there is no preset structured system by which to work.

If I were just creating for myself it would be easy. But I have to stop and ask myself how to explain the process to someone who is not familiar with it.

Creating the videos is also a learning curve for me as a teacher and as I always tell my students "Practice makes perfect" .

Patchwork top in purple shades on a sewing machine table

It took me a while to decide how to quilt it and to choose the thread colors.

The background will be quilted with the purple thread .

Spool of purple thread

These three colors will be used to quilt the petals of the flowers. This time I found all 3 colors in my collection of threads.

Spools of light pink, dark pink and orange threads

Tomorrow's project to quilt the Wave Floral Garden

Patchwork top in purple shades with spools of thread on it waiting to be quilted

I will share more of the progress as the piece develops


There are online pdf tutorials and video classes available to purchase

Wave Landscape Patchwork Tutorials and Video Tutorials

The tutorials are available here on Etsy

and here on my site

and the videos classes can be viewed here on my site after purchase

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