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Today was a busy day

I am working on that series of Art quilts which I will be exhibiting in combat colors. So far I have designed, chosen colors and fabrics and planned the layouts for 6 pieces. There are more in the works. As I finish designing one, I immediately think of another. I wonder how many I will create. I plan on keeping on creating until my ideas or my stash of combat color fabrics run out.

Before I began working in the studio I decided to be creative in the kitchen. I made a huge tabooli salad and when I was done I saw how much I had made - too much.

The neighbour had gifted me sweet potatoes and carrots and I decided to make some pies/quiches with them. It was an experiment .I grated the sweet potatoes and carrots added them to the tabooli salad and then added some yellow cheese, eggs and sour cream to the mixture. Spices of course, Atlantic grey salt, ground black pepper, cayenne pepper, some cumin and some cinnamon to the mix.

aweet potato and cheese quiche 4 pans

sweet potato and cheese quiche in the oven

Success! Very tasty too.

After that I was ready to continue creating in the studio.

Today I decided to work on the wave landscape patchwork piece. All of the pieces are going to be the same size. I had prepared a number of base fabrics and after choosing the strips for the design

strips of fabric on a wooden board on a table

I laid the pieces down on the base fabric in the order of colors that I wanted

strips and piles of fabric in combat colors laid out on the table

When I got to the last row, I saw that I didn't have enough blues

I found some more blue pieces

strips of fabric laid out on the table in a design

and then began to sew

sewn patchwork wave shaped strips

sewn patchwork in wave shaped strips

For this project, different from some of my others, the iron works over time. The ironing is the difference between a professional and an amateur looking piece. When I have to iron and use steam a lot I prefer to iron outside as there is fresh air and a breeze and its healthier.

I had hoped to finish it today but it started raining and it was too cold to continue working outside.

So tomorrow is another day.

wave landscape patchwork design laid out on the table

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