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Tutorial #2 T shirt cowl neck poncho

You will need between 3 to 4 t shirts for this poncho , double that amount if you are doubling the fabrics for added warmth.

A selection of t shirts
A selection of t shirts

Choose a t shirt which will be the center piece

The t shirt which will be the center of the poncho
Center piece

Cut off both sleeves and side seam

Remove sleeves
Remove sleeves

So that you have a rectangle shaped shirt

t shirt without sleeves

Cut it about 20 cm from the bottom edge. You don't have to do this. I did because I wanted to stagger the colors in the patchwork that I will be creating. Cut strips from the other t shirts

t shirt cut into 2 pieces
cut into 2 pieces

Open up the central t shirt and place it down like this to begin to form patchwork pieces around it.

Creating patchwork
Creating patchwork

Sew them together. After sewing it will look like this. The first poncho design is ready. As simple as that. For a warmer poncho you could double the layers and sew them together doubled.

Sewn patchwork

A nice lightweight layering piece. This is a poncho that can be used all year round. So we could stop here.

t shirt poncho

But I want to show a few more options.

open sides
Openb sides

I am going to make the poncho longer

Adding pieces onto the poncho

and add a collar. Sew a tube from some of the t shirt pieces as wide as the neckline of the central t shirt in the poncho.

Tube piece for collar

You are going to need to cut away the seam binding on the neckline opening

Cut off neckline
Cut off neckline

Insert the collar tube into the neckline wrong side of the tube facing the right side of the shirt

Attaching collar to shirt
Attaching collar

Pin in place and sew around


Cowl collar and longer 2nd version

Poncho with collar
Poncho with collar

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