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Tutorial #1 Simple Elegant Poncho

The first t shirt poncho is a simple, one piece, elegant poncho which is a lightweight layering piece which can be worn all year round. Over a tank top in summer, or over a t shirt or even over a button down shirt in spring and autumn and as an additional color layer in winter.

Materials for the Simple and Easy Poncho

Some t shirt jersey fabric or a patchwork piece of t shirt fabric the size of 30 x 60 inches.

Simple and easy poncho

This is a really simple and easy technique to create a lovely layering piece. It can be made from a single piece of fabric or a patchwork piece made from t shirts

You will need a rectangle of fabric measuring 30 x 60 inches or 76 x 152 cm the stretch should be lengthwise

Material needed
Material needed

You can hem the edges with a straight stitch or a zigzag stitch but you can also just leave it as it is if your t shirt is made of jersey and does not fray

Fold the fabric piece in half, right sides together measure between 15 – 20 inches in from the left hand corner (opposite the folded side) and stitch the two layers together. I would suggest pinning it before stitching and trying it on. The larger the neck hole the more the poncho will fall off your shoulder. I personally prefer a smaller neck hole.

How to sew
How to sew

The finished poncho. It drapes beautifully and the expression, in the simplicity lies the beauty really applies here.

Simple elegant poncho
Simple elegant poncho

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