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Working on panels - 3

Now that I have the pattern I want to see the tunic finished!

I am doing it very systematically. I chose to begin with the center front and center back panels. I will first piece all of them.

I am creating all the pieces with mosaic patchwork and will then heavily overquilt all the pieces. I will have to choose some music while I do this as it is quite repetitive.

Piecing the panels
Piecing the panels

Finished piecing the front and back panels.

Front and back center panels
Front and back center panels

Trying on for size. I love the colors.

Trying on for size
Trying for size

Working on the pockets next and then the sleeves.After that the front and back side panels - I hope I have enough remnants in the same shades :) and then I will join all the pieces.

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2 comentários

I love these colors, too! When you first sew down your scraps, do you go around each piece ?

Sharon Prigan
Sharon Prigan
07 de dez. de 2021
Respondendo a

No I don't There is a detailed pdf tutorial which I wrote and sell that teaches this technique – you can find it here

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