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Zippered pouch tutorial

Updated: Feb 16

This technique teaches how to make zippered pouches from simple gift pouches to elegant fashion accessories.

One of the discussions taking place at this time of the year centers around gift giving and their wrappings. What should it be, paper, a bag, a paper bag, should it be reusable?

I solved the problem many years ago when I taught myself to sew zippered pouches. They use upcycled materials, can be made in a number of sizes and are also a gift by themselves to be reused many times.

This technique can be used to make zippered pouches in all sizes.

I put together a quick and simple tutorial for those of you who don't know how to make a pouch.

You will need 4 rectangles - the size for this pouch is approximately 25 x 15 cm, 1 zipper and 4 small rectangles of 5 x 5 cm

You will need to create a zipper extension. When using a metal zipper or a zipper with larger teeth having a fabric extension makes it easier to sew around the pouch.

Place 2 of the zipper extension fabrics - the small 5 x 5 cm rectangles face down sandwiching the end of the zipper inbetween the 2 fabrics.

Sandwich zipper edge

Stitch down and flip and then cut off the excess so that the pieces are an extension of the zipper.

Extension piece

Lay the zipper down on one of the lining pieces.

Zipper on lining

Stitch down close to the top edge

Edge stitch

Take one of the outside quilted pieces and lay it face down on top of the zipper


Sew it down

Sew top piece down

Fold the lining down behind

Fold lining behind

Attach the zipper to the second lining piece in the same manner

Stitch down zipper on second piece

Lining piece to lining piece

Place the second quilted piece face down, stitch onto the zipper and then turn over and topstitch over the zipper seams to reinforce and ensure that they lie flat.

Top stitch zipper seams

Open the stitched pieces and lay them down flat on the table making sure that all the sides match up.

Match up sides

OPEN the zipper to the centre of the pouch and fold it so that the two outside pieces are face down on each other and the 2 lining pieces are face down on each other.

Pouch face down

Stitch all around going over the zipper extension

Stitching around

Leaving an opening of about 8 cm in the bottom of the lining.

Opening in the lining

Turn the pouch right side out via the "window" that was left in the lining.

Window in the lining

Iron and top stitch across the bottom of the lining.

Closing the lining

The quilted zippered pouch is done.

Quilted zippered pouch

Art quilt pieces can be transformed into beautiful and elegant fashion accessories using this tutorial.

Follow us for art quilt techniques.

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