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This is a 59 page PDF Download Tutorial - Lined Zippered Pouch Tutorial

Zippered pouches In the sewing course children are taught practical skills. They are taught to create a number of multi purpose items made from fabric scraps that they have at home. They are also taught 5 different zipper techniques. Inserting a zipper in a lined pouch is the first in the course.They are taught how to make zippered pouches from simple gift pouches to elegant fashion accessories. Zippered pouches make great gifts and are a good way to use fabric scraps. Over the holidays my students have learned to make their own gift wrapping. A zippered pouch is the ultimate. It serves as the wrapping, it is a gift in itself and it is reusable.It can be made in a number of sizes for different uses. From an elegant clutch purse, to a tool bag, a money purse, an earphone purse and also to carry their sewing supplies and another for their school supplies. A large, square zipper pouch with a strap becomes a cross body bag.When learning how to create a zippered pouch the children begin to understand that a skill to create one product can be used to create another product. After the success of attaching their first zipper they will never look back – it opens a whole new world of creation for them.Materials required for this project - A box of cotton and poly cotton fabric scraps some sheets and flannel pieces and zippers.Poly-cotton or polyester sewing thread Tools: A standard domestic straight stitch machine. or machines depending on the number of students.

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Lined Zipper Pouch Tutorial, Basic Sewing Skills Tutorial, PDF Tutorial

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