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This is a 39 page PDF Download Tutorial - Sewing a Magic Square

First steps in sewing and patchwork. Why learn to sew . Skills we must teach our children. Sewing is one of the life skills that you want your children to have before they leave home.Learning how to sew teaches creativity, builds self confidence, dexterity, improves motor skills and also teaches one how to be patient. The purpose of sewing a magic square is for the children to design and create something all by themselves and which they can take home at the end of the lesson or workshop. I choose to teach the magic square as it is an abstract design which does not have to be sewn straight to achieve an aesthetic result. It is important for the children to be able to sew and create without feeling that they are in constraints and have to sew straight lines. The magic square introduces them to the sewing machine and the world of sewing and patchwork in a fun manner.Materials required for this project - A box of cotton and poly cotton non stretch fabric strips. 2 pieces of cotton or poly cotton sheeting for the backing.  Poly-cotton or polyester sewing thread Tools: A standard domestic straight stitch machine. or machines depending on the number of students.This tutorial teaches how to sew on a sewing machine and make a first patchwork piece.

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Sewing a Magic Square, Basic Sewing Skills Tutorial, PDF Tutorial

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