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The Team

Photo of Sharon Prigan

Sharon Prigan


I have been sewing forever. I grew up with a vintage singer sewing machine which was given to me by my grandfather the tailor. I have always had a fascination for textiles, regularly frequenting ethnic bazaars and hidden haberdashery and millinery stores. I have a vast collection of vintage fabrics, lace, findings and buttons.

Searching for all my materials is an adventure of itself, second hand stores, ethnic markets where I find somebody's treasures and weave them into my art so they can tell a story. In all of my pieces I always try to add recycled materials. They add substance and have a history.

I received formal training at The Technical School of Fashion in South Africa. Over the years I have acquired a lot of experience and learnt many techniques, mending and sewing clothing, fashion accessories, wedding dresses and quilts. I create quilted landscapes, make unique wedding chuppot and quilted wall art. ​

I believe that it is a mission to teach sewing skills to the next generation. Since the 1990's In conjunction with my partner Tully, we have developed hands on sewing classes and workshops for children, youth, adults - people of all ages.

Photo of Tully Prigan

Tully Prigan


I am a Textile and Fiber Artist, specializing in Architectural and Interior Design projects. I have been working in the field of textiles since the early 1990's, initially in the Textile and Upholstery industry and later in the Architectural and Design field.


My artistic work focuses on visual wall art which is intended for large spaces, such as congress halls, conference rooms, hotel lobbies, office buildings etc.

A major part of my work at PriganArt is in the field of Education and Training. I have experience of more than four decades in the development of teaching and training programs. 

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