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PriganArt is a studio which specializes in textile and fiber arts. At PriganArt there are three main activities: a creative studio, sewing classes and practical workshops. PriganArt is run by Sharon and Tully Prigan, artists and teachers in the field of textile and fiber arts.

Sharon Prigan

Quilter, Fiber Artist and Sewing Teacher. Formulation and implementation of educational programs. Creating for more than five decades  >>

Tully Prigan

Textile and Fiber Artist, specializing in Architectural and Interior Design projects. Development of teaching and training programs. Experience of more than four decades  >>

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Our Art Works

Creation in textile and fiber art is our major interest. It started out as a hobby and then became a way of life. In our studio we create  quilts, miniatures, sculptures, art pillows and throws. A large part of our work is devoted to architectural and design projects. >>

Our Teaching

A sewing machine is a powerful tool in the hands of those who know how to use it. It enables us to create with dozens of methods, hundreds and even thousands of products. The aim of our sewing classes is to instill the ability to create textile and fashion products such as clothing, accessories, bedding, indoor and outdoor equipment for every age and lifestyle.


Our training programs are given in yearly classes, courses which run for 3 to 12 months, short workshops of 2 – 4 hours or longer workshops of 4 – 12 hours. The training programs apply to adults, youth and children. All of our programs can be conducted in-house or on an external basis in coordination with the studying group. For more information about classes or workshops


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