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Crumb Patchwork is so Versatile

Working with my winter fabrics this week. Crumb patchwork is so versatile - using the small pieces to create new fabric

I first sort scraps according to the seasonal colors

Winter scrap fabric
Winter scrap fabric

Then according to the sizes and shapes

Fabric sorted according to sizes and shapes
Sorted according to sizes and shapes

I create new fabrics of varying sizes depending on how many scraps I have on hand and then use those pieces to create different products.

Patchwork quilted zippered pouches from the smaller pieces and here is a link to a tutorial for creating zippered pouches

Zippered pouch
Zippered pouch

Pillow covers

Patchwork pillow
Patchwork pillow

And larger pieces which can be quilts or even curtains

Winter patchwork quilt

Winter crumb patchwork quilt
Winter crumb quilt

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