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This is a 50 page PDF Download Tutorial - Apron Tutorial

In the sewing course children are taught practical skills. They are taught to create a number of multi purpose items made from fabric scraps that they have at home. An apron is a practical piece of clothing and can be used for many different activities to help protect one's clothing. It is also the first piece of “clothing” that the children create in the sewing course and is a fun introduction into the world of wearables. The tutorial includes instructions for 4 different aprons. A bib apron, a half apron with a large divided pocket, a half apron with 6 pockets and a tool apron. The basic purpose that an apron serves is to cover one's clothing, wear an apron when cooking to avoid getting stains and spills on clothing. Wear an apron with pockets when cleaning the house. An apron can be worn while gardening, keeping pruning shears and gloves in the pockets. When I teach sewing I wear a tool apron with scissors, tape measure, marking tools in the designated pockets for easy access. Materials required for this project - A box of cotton and poly cotton fabric scraps and some sheets and upcycled button down mens shirts. Poly-cotton or polyester sewing thread  Tools: A standard domestic straight stitch machine. or machines depending on the number of students.

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