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I teach how to make new fabrics from scraps. My motto is waste not want not. Every time I create with small pieces I wonder how I can work so small and then I go even smaller.
I have a number of techniques that I have created for working with small pieces and then when I go smaller I find that I need to adapt and create even yet another technique.
When sewing I end up having a lot of fabric remnants in a variety of sizes. In the past I either used to throw them away or snip them even smaller and use as stuffing for pillows or dolls but lately I have been looking at the scraps with different eyes and seeing the potential of new “fabric” there.
Over the years I have challenged myself to find more creative uses for these scraps. I use only what I have on hand and the one criteria is that the end result must be aesthetically pleasing and practical.
There are many different patchwork techniques for using small pieces of fabric. This time I wanted to create abstract pieces of fabric made entirely from VERY small scraps without using any special materials. No vilene no special glues, no bondaweb and also no chiffon or netting
The technique has to be possible with only a sewing machine, a domestic with a straight stitch, fabric scraps and thread. This time the fabrics don't have to be ironed at all.
It can be used as abstract art quilts, as patchwork backgrounds for embellishing on, as fabric for creating clothing such as a vest or a coat. It can also be used as fabric for pillows, bags and pouches and very colorful fabric beads.. The applications for this quilted, textured fabric are endless.
For this technique one can also use very small scraps of stained clothing as well as remnants from other projects to create something unique and personal while also being economical.
You will learn how to create quilted, textured fabrics from scraps. You will also learn how to bind and prepare your quilted art work for hanging
Once you try this technique I think that you will want to do it again and again. It is extremely satisfying to create a new product from scraps. You can create in whatever size you like, though for the tutorial piece I suggest a specific size to become acquainted with the technique. Once you have mastered it, the sky is the limit.
You don't need to buy any special tools for this, a regular domestic sewing machine will do the job. When I teach I don't know what machines or tools people will have and I want everyone to be able to use my techniques without having to spend any money to buy new machines or expensive tools. My tutorials are designed to be used with a standard domestic straight stitch machine..You can also reuse fabrics you have at home to recreate them into a beautiful piece of fabric.

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