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The Crumb patchwork technique is known as a classic sewing technique for construction of fabrics.The ability to join pieces of fabric in varying sizes, and different colors and shades gives us an efficient and quality tool to create fabric which is perfect for art, home décor and fashion accessories.This Crumb patchwork technique is perfect for application in textile art. It can be used to create a background for a theme quilt, such as a single house, a group of houses, a view of a village, a neighborhood, urban landscapes, architectural constructions and skylines.The results that are achieved in the field of home décor, when using this Crumb patchwork technique, enable us to give products such as tablerunners, placemats and pillows a designer artistic look.Another excellent use of this Crumb patchwork technique is in the creation of fashion accessories and special clothing. Creation of bags, clutch bags, pouches, jackets and vests with this technique, gives the finished products an artistic style which is difficult to achieve when using conventional fabrics.One of the main advantages of using this Crumb patchwork technique is the possibility of using remnants of fabric from other projects to create a wide range of products.You don't need to buy any special tools for this, a regular domestic sewing machine will do the job. You can also reuse fabrics you have at home to recreate them into a beautiful piece of art.

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