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This is a 26 page PDF Download Tutorial - Fabric Buttons  Handmade beads and buttons are beautiful embellishments. With this tutorial I will be showing you how to make buttons and beads from fabric scraps. Once you have learned these techniques you will be able to create art beads and buttons from even the very smallest of scraps. They are easy to make and a wonderful way to use up fabric scraps. The materials used to make them are inexpensive and all you need is time and imagination to create beautiful art beads and buttons. You can use handmade beads to make personalized necklaces and bracelets. They can also be used to embellish wearable art, bags and home décor projects. The techniques here are perfect for using fabric scraps or remnants from other embroidery or patchwork projects. Tools Sewing Machine - Hand sewing needles and thread - Fabric Scissor - Long thin sharp pins and magnet - Tape Measure - White PVA glue - 2 nylon bags - Hammer and 2 steel nails of the same width - Wooden board - Round nosed pliers 2 pairs

The tutorial is clear and instructive with many photographs explaining each step.

Skill Level: Beginner

Length: 26 pages (including cover)

This is a digital file to be downlaoded




Fabric Buttons and Flat Beads - A Sewing Tutorial Priganart

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  • Copyright 2023© PriganArt Duplicating or sharing the pdf file is strictly prohibited. Written instructions and photographs are intended for personal use only and cannot be reproduced or distributed for sale or for group use. Limited quantities made using these instructions by the buyer may be sold on a small scale basis. You may not mass produce using these instructions.

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