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From Pants to a Bag Sewing Tutorial, PDF Tutorial, Instant Download

This is a 27 page PDF Download Tutorial

Whenever my cargo pants, those that have many pockets, can't be worn as pants anymore and need to move on to their next life they become bags.
The fabric is sturdy and what I like the best is that there are many pockets. This time I decided that my much loved tie dyed pants had to move on, so what better way than to create a multi pocketed tote bag.
You will learn to deconstruct and then reconstruct a pair of pants to become a tote bag.

Sewing Machine - Fabric Scissors - Long thin sharp pins and magnet - Tape Measure - Tailors chalk – Iron – Ironing Board and a Water Spray

When I teach I don't know what machines or tools people will have and I want everyone to be able to use my techniques without having to spend any money to buy new machines or expensive tools. My tutorials are designed to be used with a standard domestic straight stitch machine. If you have an industrial with a straight stitch that is good too. The only thing that is required is a sewing machine with a straight stitch.

1 or 2 pairs of pants. With as many pockets as possible.
or non stretch poly cotton or cotton fabric for the lining if you are only using one pair of pants.

Size of Finished Product
The finished bag measures 45 cm height by 42 cm width

Basic machine sewing skills required.

This is a digital file to be downloaded

From Pants to a Bag Sewing Tutorial, PDF Tutorial, Instant Download

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