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I have been working on a new tutorial for a while. I call it Interchangeable Landscapes and different from my other tutorials I will be including some pattern pieces as well.Why do I call it interchangeable? By changing the pattern pieces and colors you can switch around landscapes in seconds from a seascape to a landscape to a snow scape or even to a desert scape. It can be raw edged or seamed edge.This is a fun and achievable project for beginner and advanced fabric landscape sewists alike.You will learn to create a “painting” and build an eye catching landscape scene using fabrics as your painting medium.In this tutorial I will show how to use color and size to create depth in your scene and show you examples of landscape patchwork piecesusing different color and shape combinations to achieve different results.The possibilities are endless.You don't need to buy any special tools for this, a regular domestic sewing machine will do the job. When I teach I don't know what machines or tools people will have and I want everyone to be able to use my techniques without having to spend any money to buy new machines or expensive tools. My tutorials are designed to be used with a standard domestic straight stitch machine. You can also reuse fabrics you have at home to recreate them into a beautiful piece of fabric.

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Interchangeable Landscapes, Landscape Patchwork Tutorial, PDF Tutorial, Instant

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