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This is a 40 page PDF Download Tutorial - Patchwork and Rag Quilt Tutorial

Making quilts Making a quilt is like telling a story when one uses much loved and upcycled fabrics to create it. It is a fun project which involves lots of sewing and ironing, giving the students hours of practice to hone their sewing skills. It is important to remind them that their goal is to learn sewing in a fun way and to create something warm and snuggly that can grow with them. This tutorial teaches how to plan the size of the quilts, pattern and color flow and how to make 2 different style quilts. The first is a quilt top with a fleece backing and self binding and the second quilt is a reversible rag quilt.The children will learn how to sew a quilt top, how to do stitch in the ditch quilting and how to bind a quilt.In the rag quilt they will learn how to work with pins, line squares up and how to create a reversible quilt.Materials required for this project - A box of cotton and poly cotton and flannel non stretch fabric squares. Poly-cotton or polyester sewing thread Tools:  A standard domestic straight stitch machine. or machines depending on the number of students.

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Patchwork and Rag Quilt Tutorial, Basic Sewing Skills Tutorial, PDF Tutorial

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