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Why learn to sew . Skills we must teach our children. Sewing is one of the life skills that you want your children to have before they leave home.Learning how to sew teaches creativity, builds self confidence, dexterity, improves motor skills and also teaches one how to be patient.

The machine looks a bit daunting, they are going to sew by themselves?! Until they sit down and sew by themselves they don't really believe that they can.

They are astounded and a bit in awe of what they can accomplish. And its only the beginning. The sewing machine is a tool that is designed to serve them and to be used by them to create wonderful items.Anyone can sew - come and learn how. From age 6 to adults

Materials required for this project - 2 pieces of cotton or poly cotton sheeting 35 x 35 cm one piece for the top and the second for the backing.Tools: A standard domestic straight stitch machine. .This tutorial teaches how to sew on a sewing machine.

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Sewing on a Machine, Basic Sewing Skills Tutorial, PDF Tutorial, Download

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