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Yoyos and Suffolk Puffs

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

The ruched fabric rosette is known as a yo-yo in North America and a Suffolk Puff in the British Isles. Here is a link to the story of fabric yoyos.

The story of fabric yoyos

On yoyos and frugality

"Even little scraps of cloth were saved. And if an old curtain, apron, or other piece of clothing was too worn or stained for use, a small corner of it, an unworn or unstained piece of it, might be salvaged. The scrapes could be turned into yo-yos. "

Yoyos and Frugality

Yoyos look something like round gathered flowers. They can be whimsical, fun, elegant and artistic.

A perfect way to use fabric scraps.

They can be used to make toys

Fabric yoyo owl

Yo yo ornament

To adorn fashion accessories

Yoyo headband

Making yoyos

Yoyo adorned bag

Gloves with yoyos

Gloves with yoyos

Yoyo bag

Yoyo bag

Yoyo vest

For Home Decor

Yoyo quilt

Yoyo quilt

Yoyo chair

The Art Yoyo

Yoyo Art Board

Sophisticated Art

Yoyo Art

And of course a great and simple tutorial that I found on the web

Yoyo tutorial

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