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A quick upcycle

One doesn't have to redesign or sew something complicated to upgrade a tshirt.

While doing my seasonal sorting in the t shirt pile, because summer has really arrived. I found a few too long, rather baggy t shirts. I normally would have either donated them or used the fabric to upcycle something else but I really liked the colors.

The t shirts were a very thin weight so I decided to keep them as over shirts for a layered effect.

I lay the shirt down and marked the sides to take them in about 3 cm on either side.

shirt laid down to measure the sides to be taken in

Cut the sides.

Overlocked the edges

Cut 2 pieces of elastic

and sewed them into the seams on both sides of the shirt.

The sides are evenly ruched.

elastic sewn in t shirt seam

This is what they look like on the outside

elastic gathered side of t shirt

The narrowed, gathered t shirt

Finished t shirt with 2 gathered sides.

It can be worn as a layering piece over another t shirt for that added bit of color.

t shirt worn layered over another contrasting colored t shirt

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