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A Sewing Course

Never underestimate the power of those with sewing machines. A sewing machine is a magical tool, the knowledge of how to use it gives children superpowers.

"To inspire people

Don't show them your superpowers

Show them theirs"

Sewing on a sewing machine

That is what I have been doing for more than 30 years with children.

Sewing is one of the life skills that you want your children to have before they leave home.

Learning how to sew teaches creativity, builds self confidence, dexterity, improves motor skills and also teaches one how to be patient.

A girl sewing woven fabric on a sewing machine
Sewing on the machine

In sewing classes, children get to play with fabrics, threads, patterns and colors. They learn to cut, measure, iron and sew. They take things apart and learn to reuse them to create a new product.

Hand stitching fabric flowers
Hand stitching fabric flowers

In sewing classes children learn that they can sew and make products that they can be proud of.

The machine looks a bit daunting, they are going to sew by themselves?! Until they sit down and sew by themselves they don't really believe that they can.

At first, they learn the rudiments of sewing on a machine and using an iron. They become acquainted with the machine and the iron via sewing a backed napkin for their sandwich box.

Its hard for me to describe what I feel when I see the wonder in their eyes when they go to the machine, sit down and sew by themselves.

A girl sewing patchwork on a sewing machine
Sewing her bag

They are astounded and a bit in awe of what they can accomplish. And its only the beginning. The sewing machine is a tool that is designed to serve them and to be used by them to create wonderful items.

A zippered cross body bag
A zippered cross body bag

As they continue sewing they will then master a number of skills, handsewing, machine sewing and ironing.

As their skill level increases so does the complexity of the products that they make. They will be amazed at themselves. From simple zippered lined pouches.To padded, quilted pouches.To patchwork backpacks and much more.

They are taught to value the cost of fabrics and notions. Not to waste, to use what is on hand, at home and in their community. To upcycle sheets and old school shirts and to use them for recreating into other products.

Remnants of fabrics are used as filling for dolls and pillows.

A container of fabric scraps
The scrap basket

Larger remnants are cut into circles and are used when learning handsewing skills by making flowers and yoyos.

Children must be taught to grow their own wings and how they will fly when they do!

I have been working on bringing all my classes online in the format of pdf lessons with accompanying videos and am creating a sewing course to teach children sewing from A-Z.

The course will be broken down into sections of 6 tutorials for each level from beginner to more advanced.

The first 2 are in my Etsy store and when the course is complete I will be opening a patreon and there patrons will have access to blog posts, more lessons and question and answer sessions.

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