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A Wave Sunset

I am finding myself in a bit of a creative slump. Its summer, its hot, and I am sad all the time.

There are things that I have to do on a regular basis. Clean, sort and arrange all of my fabrics and supplies in the studio.

I worked on tie dyes this past week, deconstructing shirts and creating fabric strips for art supplies.

These need to be unpicked

Tie dyed hems cut off shirts and a seam ripper

cleaned and ironed flat

tie dyed purple hems unpicked

I posted regarding the upcycling of the tie dye fabrics and thank goodness for friends. One of my friends who has a birthday next week saw the post and phoned me.

She said I know you are in a creative slump but you have always told me that I can choose a piece of your artwork for my birthday.

I am taking you up on it this year.

I saw your post on the tie dyed fabrics and I want you to create me a small wave sunset piece using pinks, purples and oranges and lots of tie dyed pieces.

So Get To Work!

 orange pink and purple tie dyed fabric strips laid out on a table

So I did and I am.

After thinking about it over my cup of coffee, I took out that packet of remnants from my Wave Nova Star piece and the remnants from the Wave Sunset piece and the tie dyed strips from the shirts that I had repurposed. Took a few deep breathes and began.

Once I begin creating I enter a zone. It is My Space.

I don't need music, just me and the fabric and the colors.

I pulled some pieces out of the pile to get an idea

 orange pink and purple tie dyed fabric strips laid out on a table

The pieces are laid out on 2 layers of base fabric so that it is easy to move from table to sewing machine

2 layers of base fabric on which the fabric strips are placed

and this is what I created

wave landscape patchwork sunset layount with orangem purple and pink tie dyed fabric strips

Now to choose sewing and quilting threads.

I have this paler purple thread

pale purple sewing thread

I am not happy with it , I want something warmer, this purple, after quilting would create a cooler overlay and that is not what I am envisioning for this piece.

pale purple sewing thread on wave landscape fabric strip layout

And I also have some fuschia

A spool of fuschia colored sewing thread held in a hand

Which is perfect. It will give the piece a warm over tone

spool of fuschia sewing thread laid out on a wave landscape arrangement of fabric strips on a table

Now to sew. I don't think that I will bind this piece rather it will be faced with a backing.

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