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Another Tunic

When working on my combat series I found a number of fatigue skirts and pants which I had purchased many years ago at a second hand store, thinking then to create large boho bags from them.

part of an olive green skirt with pockets and green fabric pieces on a wooden table

They have been sitting in the "to do" pile for a number of years and when sorting I saw the pieces with many pockets.

I added some corduroy fabrics and some olive green fabrics to the mix.

olive green fabric pieces and skirts with pockets

I am in a tunic frame of mind and I envisioned a rustic pocket ful cowl neck tunic.

So I began to build a structure and this is what I came up with using the pieces that I had.

fabric layout on table of olive green fabric pieces in a tunic design

Pockets all over, even close to the hem

bottom hem area oftunic with low sewn pockets

Its too hot to wear now but will serve me well as a layering piece in winter with many pockets of course


This is a 26 page PDF Download Tutorial - Tunic Fun to Fancy which teaches how to create different tunics can be found here

and here

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