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Artist's Block

I have been having what I call Artist's block. You know like Writer's block. I see something in my mind's eye and I just don't manage to translate it into fabric.

Face with a question lark and pile of fabrics

I see a very clear picture and when I sit down at the sewing machine I get a blank. I see a colorful wave circle which goes on and on, that is why I call it The Circle of Eternity. At the moment it cannot be eternal because it has not even begun.

I envision it in a wave technique but I might have to use a different technique. In order to be able to teach it I have to be able to create it easily and I am nowhere near there. This happens to me very rarely. That was yesterday,

I thought about it until I shut my eyes and drifted off. Many times I get clarity in my sleep and wake up with the solution. I am curious if that happens to any of you.

Well I woke up this morning with a complete tutorial in my head. Quickly made a huge pot of coffee and sketched what I had seen.

piece of paper amd colored pencils

Not a circle, A field of flowers. The sketch took me all of 5 minutes.

drawing of modern flowers

Then the fun part of choosing fabrics.

hand choosing fabric strips

I had lots of remnants left over from my large wave landscape piece.

fabric strips

I went to the machine sat down and within minutes had sewn a small sample. When its meant to be its meant to be. Beshert!

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