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In between creating art and writing tutorials I get my greatest pleasure from teaching children sewing.

Its that time, the busy end of school year period. Teachers trying to complete the curriculums, with children who already have one foot and sometimes more into the summer vacation.

My students 2 weeks ago, were talking to me about end of year and one of them said that she would like to make, and not purchase end of year gifts for 2 of her teachers. She comes to study sewing once a week for 2 hours so I asked her what items does she think that she can complete in 2 lessons, bearing in mind, that I have my curriculum that I would like to teach them before years end.

She said that she knows how to sew pillows, pouches and tote bags.

After thinking for a bit she said actually not a pillow, as she doesn't know the color scheme of their home decor. A zippered pouch would be nice but not a substantial enough gift. So that left us with tote bags as her choice. So we agreed on tote bags, with a pocket of course so that it could also be folded and kept as a spare shopping bag.

Girl holding 2 tote bags

She went home with 2 beautiful gift bags made from upcycled sheets. She was very happy at the end of the lesson, and so was I. I had passed on the lesson that one doesn't have to spend a lot of money to make something beautiful and practical.

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